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Discover the new Launch MossCellTec™ Aloe - Harmonizes the skin’s moisture flow

The mysteries of moss Discover fascinating facts about these tiny plants in the movie with Prof.Dr.Ralf Reski

Biomimicry A concept for more sustainable innovations

Cooperation with Natac Find out more about the OLEAF4VALUE project

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Cooperation with BBC StoryWorks

BBC StoryWorks has produced a short movie for Mibelle Biochemistry, focusing on our PhytoCellTec™ technology and the rare Uttwiler Spätlauber apple variety. This is part of the International Council of Biotechnology Associations brand new series called “Nature’s Building Blocks”


Have you heard of E-Sports?

This is a form of organized competition with professional gamers playing video games individually or as teams. Previously the goal of these video games was mostly to achieve highest scores, but this has changed with time. Instead, players now challenge each other directly to determine the winner for a spectator audience.