Ana Gain

AnaGain™ Nu

Stimulating hair growth and fighting hair loss

AnaGain™ Nu is a unique water-soluble powder extract from organic germinated pea seeds. Our clinical results show a significant improvement of visual hair density and a reduction in hair loss. This makes AnaGain™ Nu the perfect ingredient for anti-hair loss and hair regrowth products for nutraceuticals, food supplements and functional foods.




​​​​​​Mode of Action

AnaGain™ Nu stimulates the hair follicle directly through a unique mechanism by re-balancing the hair growth cycle. It can stimulate dermal papilla cells by enhancing the expression of two specifics signaling molecules called FGF7 and Noggin, responsible for the initiation of new hair growth and stimulation of the natural hair growth cycle. Also, the high content in L-arginine supports the natural hair growth. This amino acid is known for its importance in the microcirculation in the dermal papilla cells on our scalp.



  • anti-hair loss                                
  • hair volume booster
  • hair growth stimulation
  • hair anti-aging

Clinical Results


AnaGain™ Nu significantly reduced the numbers of hair falling out and improved visually hair density already within the first month after taking it. The volunteers scored their satisfaction highly when asked on the improvement of their hair condition. 

Plant Source

Green peas, being part of the human diet for hundreds of years are soaked overnight in water, cultivated in rotating bioreactors for a couple of days before the germinated peas are being harvested. Germination offsets a mobilization of major storage reserves in the seed, such as free amino acids like L-arginine, proteins, B-complex vitamins, purines, starch and fibers, which makes these germinated peas a very nutritious source.

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