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Highlights and Insights from the Forum Cosmeticum 2024

We had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the Forum Cosmeticum in Schaffhausen! The Forum Cosmeticum is a joint event of the DGK, GÖCH, and the SWISS SCC, taking place every other year. This event provided us with the perfect opportunity to present our research findings on the use of active ingredients in microneedling treatments. 

The Forum Cosmeticum 2024, held under the motto "Cosmetics - Upstream Against the Current" from June 12th to 14th in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, provided a platform for experts and enthusiasts from the cosmetics industry to exchange knowledge and discuss industry innovations. 

The scientific program was opened with an impressive keynote speech by Rainer Voegeli. Voegeli captivated the audience with his profound knowledge of the stratum corneum, emphasizing the crucial importance of this outermost layer of the epidermis, which consists of dead corneocytes. This was followed by a highly varied and exciting program, presenting and discussing innovative testing methods, legal requirements, the effects of cosmetic products, sun protection, and microorganisms. 

Our contribution to the program was the lecture "New Testing Methods for Cosmetic Active Ingredients in Microneedling Treatments." Microneedling is a trending topic in the beauty industry and represents a minimally invasive approach to treating various skin problems, including scars, acne, and stretch marks. The use of sterilized micro-needles, which pierce the skin, triggers a wound healing cascade that leads to the production of collagen and elastin. The effectiveness of this method can be further enhanced by combining it with topical active ingredients. Our placebo-controlled studies, both on skin explants and a panel of subjects, have shown that combining microneedling with topical serums improves the healing process and skin rejuvenation, reduces oxidative stress, and increases skin elasticity. Serums used in the context of microneedling, containing cosmetic active ingredients, can additionally influence cellular processes and support skin regeneration. 

In addition to the professional exchange, the Forum Cosmeticum also served as an excellent opportunity for networking during the get-together and the evening event at the picturesque Castle Laufen on the Rhine Falls. We are greatly looking forward to the next Forum Cosmeticum in 2026 in Austria and are excited about the new discussions and insights that this event will bring. 

Forum Cosmeticum 2024 - Swiss SCC

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Kathrin Nowak
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Dr. Kathrin Nowak