Fighting aging in sleep-deprived skin



Antioxidant / Energizing

Antioxidant / Energizing



IceAwake™ is based on an extract of the bacteria Iodobacter ssp., which was isolated from the soil below a Swiss glacier. IceAwake™ rejuvenates skin that appears aged due to a hectic lifestyle that also features too little sleep.

In clinical studies conducted on volunteers who experience poor sleep quality and a hectic lifestyle, IceAwake™ visibly rejuvenated the skin appearance by decreasing wrinkle depth, increasing radiance, and reducing the tired appearance for a refreshed look.

IceAwake™ is COSMOS approved and NATRUE approved.

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Product Documents

BSB Innovation Award Cosmetics 2020

In order to discover and harvest novel extremophile microorganisms for use in cosmetics, an expedition was undertaken to a glacier in Valais, Switzerland. Due to the constant shrinking of glaciers in the past few decades, microbes that were previously hidden below a permanent layer of ice have now become accessible. Samples taken from the soil were analyzed for their microbial content. Whole genome sequencing of an isolated strain led to the identification of Iodobacter ssp., a psychrotolerant rod shaped gram-negative bacterium, which has been reawakened following many years lying dormant below the glacier ice layer.


Proven efficacy

In vitro

• Improving chaperone expression in aged fibroblasts

• Increase in ATP production in a cellular sleep deprivation model

• Reduction of ER stress

In vivo

 • Reduction of wrinkle depth and visible tiredness 

 • Rejuvenates the appearance despite a hectic lifestyle by decreasing wrinkles and improving skin radiance


• Energizes tired skin

• Reduces wrinkles after only two weeks

• Increases radiance despite a hectic lifestyle

INCI (EU/PCPC) Declaration

Succinic Acid (and) Maltodextrin (and) Aqua/Water

* Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE in accordance with the COSMOS Standard



• Powder

• Water soluble

• Without alcohol

• Without preservatives

Recommended use level

1-2 %

More information about IceAwake™

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