SantEnergy Nu

SantEnergy™ Nu

Energize your life

SantEnergy™ Nu is a polyphenol-rich, high-quality plant extract from Santa Herba. Our clinical results show a significant weight and body fat loss while nutrition and exercise habits remained the same as prior to the trial. This makes SantEnergy™ Nu the perfect ingredient for nutraceuticals, dietary supplements and functional foods.


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Mode of Action

Thanks to a unique synergistic triple-mode action, SantEnergy™ Nu increases the body metabolic rate by preventing the formation of undesired glycation end products, also called AGE, which typically are triggered by carbohydrate-rich diets. Furthermore, it has energizing caffeine-like stimulating effect on the body and strong antioxidant property, both known to be beneficial for weight loss. 


  • weight management                                              
  • sports nutrition
  • metabolism & energy boosters
  • antioxidant formula
  • caffeine replacer

Clinical Results

SantEnergy™ Nu not only reduced body weight significantly compared to the placebo group in obese participants, but also decreased the amount of body fat in a placebo-controlled, double blind, randomized study. Measured blood parameters, directly connected to the body fat confirmed the findings, showing that SantEnergy™ Nu supports the body energy metabolism positively.

Plant source

SantEnergy™ Nu is an extract prepared from aerial parts of Santa Herba, a member of the borage family. This aromatic evergreen herb grows in the hills of California, Oregon and Mexico. The leaf is traditionally used to treat upper respiratory conditions. After careful harvest and processing, powerful antioxidant characteristics are secured. The extract is also used to flavor foods and beverages.