Supramolecular calcium for barrier repair

Hydration / Barrier

Hydration / Barrier

Redness / Sensitive Skin / Wellbeing

Redness / Sensitive Skin / Wellbeing

EpiCalsome™ is a new superior calcium delivery system to protect and renew the skin. The novel technology encapsulates calcium ions with phospholipids of the highest quality, making calcium optimally bioavailable to the skin.



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Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2023

Calcium ions (Ca2+) serve as essential signaling molecules, regulating numerous cellular functions in keratinocytes including proliferation and differentiation. EpiCalsome™ represents a new superior supramolecular structure, for simple and efficient delivery of bioavailable calcium to the skin. Our lab used phospholipids of the highest quality to encapsulate calcium ions, forming the innovative Ca2+ double cone vector system.



Lab 8
Proven efficacy

In vitro

  • Improves epidermis stratification at low calcium levels
  • Increases loricrin expression /barrier at low calcium levels

In vivo

  • Pretreatment of the skin: Preventive protection against stress (TEWL, irritations)
  • Posttreatment of the skin: Faster recovery after stress (TEWL, irritations)


  • Replenishes calcium levels in aged skin
  • Protects and repairs damaged skin
  • Induces faster skin recovery
  • Fortifies delicate skin
  • Prevents skin dryness and irritation


INCI (EU/PCPC) Declaration

Hydrogenated Lecithin (and) Calcium Chloride (and) Glycerin (and) Pentylene Glycol (and) Aqua / Water




  • Creamy consistency
  • Water-soluble
  • Without preservatives

Recommended use level

  • 2-5%
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